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    Airfox powers monetization and engagement services for wireless carriers to increase revenues and reduce churn. The AirFox platform is turn-key and cloud-based, enabling carriers to easily deploy advertising, data rewards, and zero-rated content. 


    Airmada was a shared infrastructure platform for automated drone operation. They built and deployed drone terminals that completely remove the necessity of drone service providers to have a physical presence at clients’ sites.

    A technology-assisted, corporate catering concierge whose service design encompasses the entire client experience: personalized menu planning, reliable delivery and professional presentation. At the end of the day, great food at work is an amazing benefit, and you should never have to compromise for it.

    Alpha Sheets

    Alpha Sheets was a cloud-based spreadsheet where formulas can use languages like R, Python, OCaml and SQL. It simplified the workflow of inter-disciplinary teams in technical marketing and finance and enables quantitative analysts to use a spreadsheet UX as they do algorithmic work.

    Dataquest.io is an educational platform that makes learning data science and machine learning online easier and more engaging. Students learn by completing interactive coding challenges where they analyze real data.

    Provides a cloud-enabled hardware solution for one-step collection and seamless disbursement of electronic gratuities and donations. Individuals simply “dip” their credit cards to give a fixed, pre-set tip or donation. The platform manages disbursement and display of data to business operations managers.

    Elemental Machines provides technology for the smart lab.  By collecting and visualizing a variety of critical data, scientists can accelerate time-to-discovery by improving experimental reproducibility.

    Forge.ai logo

    The world’s information made computationally actionable. Enabling intelligent machines to make better decisions.

    LibertyX is the onramp for cash to the digital world. Already the largest US cash-to-bitcoin network with thousands of locations nationwide, LibertyX is a convenient, low-cost platform for cash-preferred consumers to send money to anyone, anywhere.

    Mightier helps children learn emotional control through the power of play. Mightier uses the power of bioresponsive games to help kids 6-14 build and practice calming skills to meet real-world challenges.

    A digital platform that removed the barriers to getting fit with the most inspiring fitness coaches in a thriving community.

    Now part of Acast, RadioPublic is a platform that enables podcast publishers to create greater engagement with their listeners.

    Wise Systems

    Rest Devices offered personalized sleep coaching for parents and newborns.

    Sandymount Technologies

    Sandymount was a MIT spinout commercializing a new concentration process for alcoholic beverages, using patent-pending cold filtration.

    Sentenai is a cloud service that connects intelligent systems to the data they need to make better decisions in real time. The platform is designed to pinpoint patterns in data streams and retrieve small subsets of that data from a large stream repository responsively.

    Tellus Labs logo

    TellusLabs, now part of IndigoAg, combined decades of satellite imagery with a machine learning platform to answer critical economic and environmental questions.

    Powered by weather intelligence software, Tomorrow.io helps teams prepare for the business impact of weather by automating decision-making and enabling climate adaptation at scale.

    TVision leverages state-of-the-art computer vision technology to provide actionable insights into television audience behavior.

    Acquired by IBM, Volta powered on demand networks, with an elastic cloud, to radically reduces network control and management complexities.

    Wise Systems

    Wise Systems is an enterprise software solution that helps companies make real-time delivery decisions.


    The entire cloud as a single global supercomputer.

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    Technology @ Microsoft, Eons, Idealab

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